Welcome to momswhoprep.com

Thanks for visiting my site. I started this as a mom who was trying to find solutions that were between ultimate prepper/survivalist and what I felt I could fit in between work and raising a family.

This is the product of that. It’s a place where I can focus my concerns and post what I have learned and will learn.

Becoming a “prepper” is a personal journey fraught with choices. Am I making the right choice? Am I investing too much of the family budget in this? Will I ever use it?

Well, the last question is the easiest. Yes, I am using up my supplies now. Food supplies that are nearing their expiration date can easily be consumed as newer supplies are put in their place. I’m a big believer in not wasting the money I do have.

But there are so many other questions. How much food do I need? What about water? What about medical supplies? What about growing food? What am I preparing for? If I live in a city will I need to leave?

We’ll explore all these things here and I will share what I’ve learned as I am learning them. I have some good resources I have brought in – experts in their fields who can help us along the journey.

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The newsletter has other resources – some of them are affiliate links (if you click on them and THEN buy something I make a little bit off that commission – same price for you), some aren’t. But all contain good solid info you can put to use right now.

Good luck and contact me with any tips/tricks or questions.